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Established in 1995, iMpact Utah has been helping companies make sustainable performance improvements for over two decades.

Our team of experts are hands-on practitioners with extensive experience assessing and applying these concepts in diverse business sectors: Healthcare, Education, Government/Service, Food, Technology, Finance and Manufacturing.

Your Growth Performance Partner

iMpact Utah helps companies throughout the state of Utah close their performance gaps so they can grow. Our hands-on engagements help companies accelerate revenue growth, achieve operational excellence, and transform managers into inspiring leaders who work through others to deliver results.

  • Increased our clients' sales by more than $690 million.

  • Completed over 1,000 projects with Utah-based companies since 1995.

  • Saved our clients $59 million in costs and expenditures.

  • Empowered companies to create or retain more than 40,000 jobs.

Fellow Founders, CEO's and Growth Hackers

Get quality counsel from people who've been there and done that. Our team of executive coaches and consultants can help you find the answers to your most pressing problems. We offer the right tools, training and connections.

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Not sure where to begin? Let's simplify.

iMpact Utah offers manufacturers an Organizational Excellence Assessment, on the house. Get a customized improvement plan that clarifies your short and long-term objectives, identifies opportunities and gets you on the path to organizational excellence.

When you're ready to transform, grow, and pivot your business, we'll show you where to start and how to keep going. Explore your options, risk free.

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