Business Excellence Optimization Assessment

What is Business Optimization?

Think of your business as a vehicle. You need to care for and maintain the different components to keep it reliably running. Companies often understand their business challenges and what is not working, but don't have the tools to diagnose or troubleshoot their vehicle. To help identify the specific pain point, determine the root cause, and determine how they impact performance, we offer a free self-assessment to help bring clarity to the “pain”. The business excellence optimization assessment focuses on six primary areas, or six cylinders:

Six Primary Areas:

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • People
  • Work Methods
  • Lateral Processes
  • Metrics

The no-cost business optimization assessment will identify where your business engine needs to be tuned, the root cause of the problems, and most importantly provide a plan that will improve and optimize the business engine.

Improve & Empower

  • Anonymous 54 question online assessment (link provided)
  • Takes roughly 9-13 minutes to complete
  • Intended for senior leadership and management employees who have a supervisory role
  • Result is a project plan with executable items for improvement

The Report-Out & Steps

  • Report-out will take approximately 2 hours and will be scheduled for 2 weeks after assessment link is sent
  • Anyone that completed the assessment is encouraged to attend
  • This will begin with an overview of the model and then review your heatmap. The heatmap will also be made available to you a few days in advance. Recommendations will be sent following the report-out event

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Not sure where to begin? Let's simplify.

iMpact Utah offers manufacturers an Organizational Excellence Assessment, on the house. Get a customized improvement plan that clarifies your short and long-term objectives, identifies opportunities and gets you on the path to organizational excellence.

When you're ready to transform, grow, and pivot your business, we'll show you where to start and how to keep going. Explore your options, risk free.

Free Organizational Excellence Assessment

Get a Free Organizational Excellence Assessment of your company.

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