iMpact FORGE

For experienced business owners in need of a breakthrough.

Fire up the C-Suite.

Reaching the pinnacle of your field doesn’t mean you’ve reached the pinnacle of your effectiveness, and in today’s economy, business leaders are being challenged in unprecedented ways. Make time to sharpen your skills and stay on top of a shifting landscape with iMpact FORGE.

Hammer out the details.

Coached by iMpact Utah experts with real-world experience, executives in iMpact FORGE will refine their leadership skills and develop an actionable plan customized to their business objectives.

Transform your business.

FORGE is an advanced executive leadership course for experienced business owners in need of a breakthrough. Identify the barriers holding your company back and create an actionable plan to transform your company so you can forge ahead.

This accelerated intensive is designed to hone your business acumen and drive impactful results for your company. FORGE curriculum will cover accounting, economics, finance, human & organizational performance, marketing, operations, and strategy.

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Scale up your business
  • Expand your decision-making capabilities
  • Improve employee retention & engagement
  • Discover new strategies & resources for growth-inducing transformations
  • Build your capacity to lead cross-functional teams
  • Increase your critical thinking skills and creative capacity

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