Worksite optimization training for shopfloor workers, floor leaders, and middle managers.

Clutter is costing you time and focus.

A disorganized worksite will hinder the performance of your team and bleed precious resources from your company. Our 5S workshop can help you right the ship and enjoy cost savings.

More than just "cleaning up."

A common misconception is that 5S is simply housekeeping. In actuality, 5S is a systemic approach to organization that optimizes workplace design and instills better habits in workers. As part of a Lean manufacturing approach, 5S is a proven tool for increasing value to the customer and maximizing profits.

Optimize your worksite for maximum efficiency.

5S is a powerful technique for assessing and optimizing the layout of your worksite and is a vital component of Lean manufacturing.

In this on-site workshop, team members are introduced to 5S principles and are guided in applying those principles to their work environments. Participants come away with a step-by-step plan to achieve—and maintain—an efficient workspace for optimized workflow.

The training begins with a 1-hour overview followed by 4 hours of guided 5S implementation with the team on the floor. Our 5S training can be done over multiple days or as a one-day event.

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Design your work environment for maximum efficiency
  • Eliminate stress and distractions brought on by clutter and waste
  • Decrease waste
  • Shorten production time
  • Achieve greater output
  • Boost employee engagement

The Origins of 5S

5S is a product of the Japanese manufacturing community and was adopted by Toyota during the Japanese industrial revolution. The term “5S” refers to five Japanese words that describe the steps of the 5S system: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke. They are translated to English as Sort, Straighten (or Set in Order), Shine (or Sweep), Standardize, and Sustain (or Self-Discipline.)

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