Rapid Improvement Event

Four-day event for rapid process improvement.

Rapidly improve the way your work is done.

The Rapid Improvement Event is an on-site, 4-day event designed to help your team quickly identify and correct pain points in an operational process of your choosing.

During the Rapid Improvement Event, we roll up our sleeves and work directly with your team members and team leads to improve processes on-site. Using the DMAIC problem-solving tool, we will define the project, measure results, analyze data to find and establish root causes of waste, improve the problem through full-scale implementation, and finally, control the problem by developing a standardized process.

In just 4 days, participants can expect visible and immediate improvements in their operational process and will have an actionable plan for continued success.

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Improve on-time delivery
  • Improve product quality and meet customer requirements
  • Reduce waste, errors, labor hours, and avoidable costs
  • Learn DMAIC strategy
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Create a standardized & simplified process
  • Boost sales & profits

What is DMAIC?

DMAIC stands for define, measure, analyze, improve, and control—these comprise a five-step strategy for process improvement. The DMAIC strategy is a major component of Lean Six Sigma methodology.

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