Lean 202: Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

This course is designed as the follow-on to Lean 101. In this course we teach participants the discipline of creating a visual map of steps within the value stream to identify areas of flow breakdown and high waste.  Value stream mapping is a valuable tool for focused, strategic improvement of the value stream. VSM is a tool used to analyze the flow of materials, labor and information necessary to build and bring a product or service to a customer. Participants learn how to create a map of an entire value stream within their organization. This allows them to see and measure lead times in the form of value-added and non-value added activities and then map the future state of this same value stream. This activity will help the participants to see ways to move towards a “Pull” environment.  Real company examples and case studies are presented. Onsite activity focused on one value stream selected by the organization.


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