Lean Bundle

The Lean Bundle brings together multiple systems for maximizing your productivity by improving throughput, optimizing processes, lowering your risk factors, saving money, and improving employee morale. Watch a transformation of processes and culture as we teach you and walk you through implementing each of these systems.




The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats exercise. A group exercise where the team lists any known items for each category, the SWOT analysis is valuable as part of a strategic exercise, both to “get the wheels turning,” and to act as a “sanity check” to the concrete pieces of the vision. This purposeful thought exercise is critical in strategic planning and execution as a method of risk mitigation and opportunity leveraging. This 4-hour workshop includes an overview of the SWOT analysis tool and facilitated discussions that provide a productive environment for any organization to have candid and transparent conversations about their current state and the roadmap to their future.


Lean 101


Lean 101 is an introductory course for your business workforce overviewing the processes and practices that are known as Lean Tools. This class includes an interactive hands-on simulation designed to convey Lean concepts and benefits in an appealing, informative, and entertaining format. Participants acquire a foundational understanding of Lean and are trained to begin using basic Lean tools and processes to effect transformation in your business immediately.


This one day course introduces the key concepts of Lean Manufacturing including Waste reduction, as well as introducing 12 basic tools to address waste through slides and an interactive simulation. These are all briefly introduced in the lean 101 teaching session and then applied in the simulation exercise that is fun and engaging using Buzz Electronics or Legos.

  • 5s
  • Visual controls
  • Plant Layout
  • Standardized Work
  • Batch Size Reduction
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Quality at the Source
  • Point of Use Storage (POUS)
  • Quick Changeover/ Single-minute exchange of die (SMED)
  • Pull Systems/Kanban
  • Cellular Flow
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

    Lean 202: Value Stream Mapping (VSM).


    This course is designed as the follow-on to lean 101. In this course we teach participants the discipline of creating a visual map of steps within the value stream to identify areas of flow breakdown and high waste.  Value stream mapping is a valuable tool for focused, strategic improvement of the value stream. VSM is a tool used to analyze the flow of materials, labor and information necessary to build and bring a product or service to a customer. Participants learn how to create a map of an entire value stream within their organization. This allows them to see and measure lead times in the form of value-added and non-value added activities and then map the future state of this same value stream. This activity will help the participants to see ways to move towards a “Pull” environment.  Real company examples and case studies are presented. Onsite activity focused on one value stream selected by the organization.


    5S Workplace Organization Workshop/Event


    Introduction to the powerful 5S system for your worksite.  Help your teams see that the layout and design of their workspace is either helping them be organized and effective, or costing them valuable time and focus.  We teach the sequenced steps to begin organizing the worksite for less clutter and waste, and higher focus.


    After the training session, teams may exercise the option to do a guided application with the consultant present.  Teams that select this get a chance to share progress. We will review and refer back to principles taught cementing them more permanently.


    We will be on the floor with your teams as we teach the principles and guide the implementation. We start with a 1 hour overview and then spend another 4 hour workshop with the team implementing each step of the system. This can be a one-day event or can occur over multiple days.


    Team based Kaizen and Stand Up Meetings


    This is the common execution arm of the lean management system.  In this engagement, we help teams link their individual scoreboards (sometimes called Tier boards or MDI boards) to strategic objectives while teaching the team how to huddle and solve the problems keeping them from reaching their goals.


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