Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt with Custom Project

Six Sigma Black Belt training in Utah is for individuals looking to advance in their career or improve their performance at an upper management level. This training will help you to further develop the skills learned in previous Six Sigma training, such as Yellow Belt and Green Belt, as well as work cooperatively with team members at these levels. Learn more about earning your Six Sigma Black Belt certification from iMpact Utah.

What Will I Learn During Six Sigma Black Belt Training in Utah?


During the Six Sigma Black Belt certification training, you will master valuable skills needed for successful management of teams and projects, including those found below.

  • Understand DMAIC model (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control)
  • Identify waste and areas adding no value
  • Understand team dynamics
  • Make assignments for team members based on individual strengths and expertise
  • Interpret data and assess effectiveness of processes
  • Implement changes at the management level
  • Lead complex team projects
  • Be able to explain Six Sigma principles and tools to others
  • Demonstrate ability to use Six Sigma tools appropriately in the workplace
  • Mentor team members at Green Belt level
  • Benefits of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification


    Earning a Six Sigma Black Belt certification will make you significantly more desirable to potential future employers. They will appreciate the time and effort you have devoted to developing your talents, increasing your knowledge of operations, and learning to affect change.


    It will also help you be more successful in your current positions, particularly when leading team projects. You will be better able to direct a team and utilize the individual strengths of your team members to benefit the entire group. Your ability to identify a problem and make effective corrections will also prove invaluable in the workplace.

    Six Sigma Black Belt Exam


    Once you have completed Six Sigma Black Belt training and required work experience, you may take the IASSC-CBB exam (International Association for Six Sigma Certification – Certified Black Belt). This exam contains 150 multiple choice and true/false questions for each section found in the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Body of Knowledge. In order to receive your certification, you will need to pass the test with at least 70% correct.

    Six Sigma Black Belt Training & Certification with iMpact Utah


    Contact iMpact Utah today to learn more about Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification in Utah or to schedule a needs analysis for your company. Part of the Six Sigma process includes taking a written examination, which iMpact Utah does not provide. These exams are administered by Person VUE, Prometric, or other certification bodies at special conferences and events.


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