Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Yellow Belt

Employee development and training are crucial components in the success of any corporation. There are numerous leadership skills employers want each of their staff members to excel at, including problem-solving, communication, and inspiring positive change. Six Sigma Yellow Belt training in Utah will prepare you for project planning and implementation and give you the tools and strategies you need for success. Learn more about how you can earn your Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification with iMpact Utah.

Who Can Benefit From Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training in Utah?


Six Sigma Yellow Belt training introduces employees to the Six Sigma methods for eliminating waste and inefficient processes. Yellow Belts are typically entry-level employees or staff members who are subject matter experts (SMEs) assisting with only one part of a bigger project. These employees will contribute to the success of the team by making changes within their sphere of expertise or at their level within the company.


Usually, after earning a Yellow Belt certification in Utah, you will work under the direction of team members who have earned green belts or black belts. You will share the knowledge you have of your specific role in order to help the entire team identify areas that need improvement.

What Do I Need to Know for a Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification?


During your Yellow Belt training, you will become familiar with the foundation principles: Define, Measure, and Control (DMC). You will need to understand the roles of various team members and identify areas where changes can be made and processes can be improved. You will also learn how to measure these changes and how to communicate plans to other team members.


In order to earn a certification, you will need to know how to apply these principles in the workplace. You will need to understand how each step in the Six Sigma process works, express familiarity with the proper terminology, and demonstrate the ability to identify and eliminate waste.

Benefits of Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training in Utah


As a yellow belt, you will be able to solve localized team-based problems. You will be able to use your training and your expertise of daily operations in your specific role to find solutions that really work.


You’ll be able to improve the success of larger projects when working with green belts and black belts. Together you can make positive changes in each phase or area, combining efforts for greater results.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training & Certification with iMpact Utah


Contact iMpact Utah for more information about how you can benefit from a Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification or to schedule a company needs analysis. You can also register for one of our workshops to get started on your path to company growth today! Part of the Six Sigma process includes taking a written examination, which iMpact Utah does not provide. These exams are administered by Person VUE, Prometric, or other certification bodies at special conferences and events.


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