Standard Work For Leaders – Building a Culture of Accountability

We teach leaders the need for standards, even within unpredictable “knowledge work.” We discuss the key factors to a valuable workable standard for leadership and begin creating a draft of Leadership Standardized Work (LSW) for the group. Successful organizations rely on establishing, monitoring, and improving process and behavioral standards that lead to exceptional results. Leaders play a role by incorporating process performance monitoring, problem resolution status and people development into their daily work. Standard work for leaders is the set of actions that a leader must perform daily, weekly, or monthly to ensure that their organization and team are performing successfully. In this workshop we review the key elements of standard work for leaders, identify supporting activities and tools, and introduce a method for analysis as a way to determine the essential actions to include in standard work. The workshop can be supplemented with onsite coaching on the development of Standard Work for Leaders and the systems by which to sustain successful results.


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