Kaizen: The Power of Kaizen

Kaizen comes from a Japanese philosophy of Continuous Improvement. It is applied in all facets of the workforce to demonstrate how the collective skills and goals of employees can lead to success. Kaizen also shows that small and simple improvements performed consistently over time, achieve significant results.
Kaizen and lean manufacturing concepts go hand in hand. Through the lens of Kaizen, the success of a company depends on every employee contributing to improvements, providing feedback, and helping reduce wasted time and resources. The natural result of this empowered focus improved outcomes, rather than deficiencies and consequences, is a more positive work environment.

Benefits of Kaizen Lean Manufacturing in Utah

By changing the way your employees in Utah set and achieve goals, an entire cultural change can occur in the workplace, creating an environment of growth and positivity. In addition to bottom-line impact, employee driven process improvements empowers workers, thus increasing their confidence and reducing turn-over. Other benefits include:
  • Safer work environment
  • Higher quality products
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower cost of production
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Better communication and team cooperation
  • Employees are more invested in the company’s succes

    We focus on the “true” spirit of Kaizen.  Kaizen is a word that has been mistranslated and misused in industry for years. (Hence the “true” adjective.) This module helps learners refine what Kaizen really is, and why it is so powerful.  Once the common misconceptions are dealt with, the second half of this module focuses on teaching simple, effective strategies to begin applying Kaizen as teams and individuals right now. Kaizen teaches processes that continuously improve operations and involve all employees gradually over time resulting in improvement in productivity and a more highly engaged culture. This 5-day on-site process improvement event will focus on one area of the business identified by the business.

    Kaizen Training & Certification in Utah


    iMpact Utah provides training courses geared toward those who are interested in implementing Kaizen lean manufacturing techniques. Find out how you can benefit from Continuous Improvement strategies and earn the Kaizen certification.


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