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Last year sales of fabricated metal products in Utah exceeded $7.95 Billion dollars, and only 36% of these sales were supplied by Utah manufacturers.

A significant portion of the $7.95 Billion demand is from Department of Defense, specifically, Hill Air Force Base and their Prime contractors like Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and others. To be eligible to do business with these companies, a machine shop (or other manufacturing business) must put a few systems in place: cybersecurity standards (NIST 171-800) and a quality management system (AS9100 or ISO 9001).

Solution :

Impact Utah is working with manufacturers to bring this work back to Utah. We’ve partnered with Totem Tech and PTAC to provide an information session to shine the light on this opportunity, and to connect manufacturers with resources to get these systems in place so they can go after government contracts.

To be eligible to do business with the Government (specifically DOD), a manufacturer must:

  1. Implement and comply with NIST 171-800 Cybersecurity Standards Cybersecurity safeguards that protect your business information and meet DoD and Prime Contractors standards (NIST 800-171).
  2. Implement the AS9100 Quality Management System and become certified.
  3. Have Government Contracting Know How to navigate the bid proposal process and win the business.

    It’s a market boosting bundle for your business!

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