Lean Manufacturing 101 with Simulation


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Participants learn the principles of Lean Manufacturing in this one-day workshop that provides a fast-paced presentation with hands-on manufacturing simulation activities. Training attendees will gain a clear understanding of the eight wastes in manufacturing and real-world approaches for reducing wastes that will improve an organization’s bottom line.
Workshop attendees will be assigned production jobs in a fun-filled, simulated factory. Four levels of simulation will be conducted with training and discussion between sessions. A high level of involvement from class attendees is required to maximize learning effectiveness.

Attendees will learn:

• Shop floor layouts/work cells

• Standardized work

• Workplace organization and visual controls

• Batch size reduction/onepiece flow

• Setup reduction

• Point-of-use storage

• Quality at the source

• Kanban/pull systems

• Takt time

• Work teams

• Elimination of the eight wastes of manufacturing

COURSE INFORMATION Cost (per person): $300.00 ($150.00 per person for qualified companies) Instructor: iMpact Utah