“The Power of Kaizen”


-Small, easy improvements for lasting impacts-

This will apply to all businesses. Participants learn about Kaizen as a change strategy. How Kaizen is different from traditional “innovation” and how making small, incremental changes can have big impacts on businesses, careers, relationships and health.

Attendees will leave understanding what Kaizen is, why it works well with human physiology, and how to apply Kaizen to any area of their job or life. This training has been enthusiastically received in Software companies, manufacturing, food service, and even a custom auto garage.

Attendees will learn:

  • The history of Kaizen and what Kaizen really is (and what it’s not)
  • Why Kaizen has large impacts on businesses
  • Why Kaizen is a good change strategy, compatible with our human brains
  • 5 techniques to put kaizen to use TODAY

Registration Information:

To register- contact banderson@impactutah.org

Instructor: iMpact Utah