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Attracting & Retaining Talent

Now about that team of yours…

How is their performance? Their morale? Their overall well-being as a member of the team? Are you having problems hiring?These questions, and many more, are only the beginning when it comes to effective leadership and talent acquisition.

If there are issues that are keeping you up at night, and having you dread coming to work the next day, there is a strong chance your team members feel the same way about you too. Unfortunately, no one is having the effective conversations to make meaningful and improvements, until now.

iMpact Utah’s Attracting and Retaining Talent lunch and learn is an insightful primer and overview to leadership training. You’ll experience an overview of how to inspire confidence in yourself and your team. The principles discussed in this class will demonstrate the foundations of effective leadership tools regardless of business or personality types.

Please join us on June 15th for this complimentary class and lets discuss how we can help turn your team into rockstars.

What to expect and topics:

  • Why employees quit their bosses and not their jobs
  • The importance of leaders creating and managing ulture
  • You were just put in a leadership position, (gasp) now what!?
  • I’m an experienced leader, why isn’t my team performing?
  • When to validate, recognize, and give feedback to your team
  • Overview of creating and maintaining a high performance culture

June 15, 2022

11:00am - 1:00pm
In-person limit of 20 | Lunch will be provided

Salt Lake Community College
Westpoint Workforce Training & Education Center
1060 N, Flyer Way
Salt Lake City, 84116

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