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Create Your Growth Cornucopia: How to Evolve and Effectively Harvest your Marketing & Sales Efforts

Are you experiencing any of the following challenges?

  1. Static revenue and no system for predictable, scalable growth
  2. Setting and consistently missing sales targets
  3. Sales Team members missing their sales targets
  4. No established system for lead generation
  5. No automated systems for lead generation, use and coordination of social media, advertising, events as marketing

Master your sales funnel through the process of clarifying and refining your offering, the problem you solve, your target audience, your messaging, and your channels. Workshop Outcomes:

  1. Strategic marketing plan
  2. Customized sales funnel
  3. Clear understanding of who your target audiences are
  4. Refined messaging for your target audiences
  5. Revenue Roadmap for your Sales Team

Who should attend:

  • Owners
  • Directors of Marketing
  • Sales Leadership
  • Sales Team members

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