Five Practical Lessons on How to Guide Your Marketing and Branding Raft to Success

Marketing and Branding your product may be one of the most complex tasks as a leader. In addition, everyone believes they are the best marketing person on the planet! We are going to discuss 5 key marketing strategies you can use when your business is moving ahead successfully and when you hit rapid waters.

Dano Ybarra

Dano Ybarra

President & CMO

When Steve Jobs was asked to reinvent Apple, he tapped Dano Ybarra on the shoulder to help. Dano presented the plan to launch the now $60B per year Apple stores. An entrepreneur at heart, Dano has launched businesses in 15 countries worldwide and is an expert in starting and growing business both domestically and internationally. His experience spans various fields, including general management, marketing, sales, product management, P&L oversight, strategic business development, M&A, and operations. Dano is also the best selling author of Guiding Your Raft: 17 Lessons in Leadership to Safely Guide Your Business Through Calm and Tumultuous Waters, with copies available in both English and Spanish. As an international speaker, he has presented to audiences across eight countries, from a few dozen in attendance to thousands. Dano has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

May 13th, 2021


SEUALG Office- Atrium 375

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