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Foundations to Thrive in Uncertain Times

This event is a CONNECT WORKSHOP SERIES that has 6 Customized workshops that will bring you back to the heart of success. 

“There’s a big difference between motivation and inspiration: Inspire through values and motivation takes care of itself.” Tony Hsieh Former Zappos Founder 

This event will give you 12+ Hours of employee Engagement & Training. A workshop like this is valued at $999. 

Thanks to our wonderful sponsor, Tooele City, we are now offering this event for a $100 registration deposit that is fully refunded after completing 4 of 6 sessions.

6 Foundational Workshops

April 29 – Managing Employee Financial Stress in Times of Uncertainty

Taught by: Jennifer Lammer

  • Your employees are more stressed now financially, emotionally, and physically than ever before. Our most popular webinar walks them through how to manage their money stress during these unprecedented times, what may lie ahead financially as well as reasons for optimism going forward.

May 13 – Connection: More Than Just a Conversation

Taught by: Kristin Petrucci

  • KP will bring us through the 3 building blocks to successful connection and deep, lasting community: Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Gratitude. According to the Grant Study (Harvard Medical School), the key factor to a successful life is fulfilling relationships. We will embark on a journey of self and group discovery and will find that most of us have similar life stories, just different details.

May 27 – Bracing for the Unknown Unknowns– Improving Strategic Agility

Taught by: Jeremy Brown & Chris Colosimo

  • The days of the one or five-year “strategic plan” are gone. Organizations must be ready to deal with changes to context and new threats and opportunities that arise as a result. Learn the eight skills of the most strategically-agile organizations and how to apply an agile strategy methodology in your organization.

June 3 – Maximizing the Strengths of Collaboration as You Lead

Taught by: Jennifer Sorensen

  • We’ve heard that “there is power in numbers” and that “it takes a village.” So, why is working with others so challenging to facilitate if the output of working together is so valuable? During this training, we’ll explore greater depths of what collaboration is and how to spot collaborative barriers. We’ll discuss consistent themes present among successful collaborations and give you tips on how to lead collaborative efforts moving forward. You will leave with an understanding of how to engage your workforce in ways that maximize the strengths of collaboration as you lead.

June 17 – Leading Through a People Crisis

Taught by: Chris Colosimo

  • Businesses regularly prepare for an environmental or market disaster. Rarely do we prepare for a people crisis. Are you ready in the event that a human tragedy or incident happens within your organization? Move through real-life people crisis scenarios that have happened within your neighboring companies and evaluate whether or not your organization is equipped to lead quickly and effectively in the event that you find yourself needing to take care of your people.

July 8 – The Employee’s Guide to Navigating Uncertain Times

Taught by: Chris Colosimo & Jeremy Brown

  • When job security is questionable, solidify your future by: Capturing and communicating your value; Developing and acting on a career strategy; Building new and leveraging dormant relationships; Knowing the right way to ask for help; Preparing for employer negotiations.

Chris Colosimo

Chris Colosimo is a sought-after business consultant and founder of CMJ Perspectives, where she thoughtfully partners with organizations and key leaders in all things people: development, change, strategy, coaching, and efficiency. Her work has taken her across the globe working with HR and Operations teams, embedded with and leading strategy and design teams to tackle critical business issues with unique country and cultural complexities. Deep at the core of what drives Chris is her strength in genuinely connecting with people as she uncovers unique ways to care for them, enable growth and accelerate outcomes. Chris is the people whisperer who gets projects and people ‘unstuck’ so they can actualize the results they’re chasing.


Jennifer Lammer

Jennifer Lammer is the CEO and Founder of Diamond NestEgg, a financial wellness and education company helping small and medium-sized businesses reduce employee financial stress and increase productivity. She is a financial thought leader, innovator, speaker, and business builder with expertise across major banks and consulting firms in the US, Europe, and Asia, including Booz Allen, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, and JP Morgan Chase. Jennifer holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Finance and Information Systems from NYU Stern, summa cum laude.


Jeremy Brown

In 15 years of working in enterprise strategy with Deloitte Consulting and FMI Corporation, Jeremy Brown’s #1 conclusion is that strategy is worthless without execution and adaptability. With a mission of eradicating the traditional way of strategic planning, his firm focuses on helping organizations build strategic agility – which means preparing organizations for the “unknown unknowns.” He teaches and coaches clients on the agile strategy method while providing the tools to promote self-sufficiency and improved strategy adoption.


Kristin Petrucci

Kristin Petrucci (KP) received her post-grad positive psychology training from the University of Utah. It helped save her life after suffering from brain trauma and damage. Known as the Mindset Architect, Kristin brings mindset training as a Transformational Speaker and corporate connection experience facilitator. Her main focus is to prevent burnout and increase resilience through positive psychology micro- practices: gratitude, wonder, and connection. Author of: “Daily Reflections: Therapeutic Gratitude Practice Journal”


Jennifer Sorenson

Jennifer Sorensen is an organizational development consultant at Jirah Partners where she partners with organizations and people to help them grow and thrive. She has spent her career architecting and facilitating employee development, organizational efficiency, and transformation efforts. Jennifer has been a practitioner in various companies and industries at different growth stages. She values collaborating with and equipping organizations and leaders to navigate challenges like retention, engagement, development, connection, and alignment. Jennifer partners to create custom solutions that draw out the potential of each organization and its people to bring about successful change, engaged employees, efficient organizations, and healthy cultures.

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