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Navigating Change Management: A Model for Understanding & Overcoming Resistance to Change

  • Struggling to implement change?
  • Your organization needs to change but frustrated finding where to begin?
  • Not gaining buy-in on changes being made?
  • Your workforce is resisting needed changes?
  • Needed changes aren’t being implemented effectively and efficiently?

For most, change is not easy. Change can bring about a myriad of emotional responses that have nothing to do with how much improvement the change will bring.

This session focuses on recent research about how and why people resist change and introduces methods for working with, rather than against, resistance. Participants will be shown a model for seeing beneath resistance discovering underlying fears and will be introduced to five steps for accessing people’s natural ability to accept, adopt and adapt to change.

Who should attend?

  • Executive Leadership
  • Managers
  • Employees



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