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Next Phase Leadership: People don’t quit their job, they quit their boss

Would you like to decrease attrition, retain your top performers and clone more of your best people? Would you also like to increase employee engagement and get them committed to the plan? Dr. Brett Savage knows how! Brett specializes in transitioning great specialists into great supervisors, managers and leaders. Come learn how his company, Next Phase Leadership (NPL) has taken 50+ years of Harvard based research and 91,000+ data points and used those experiences and expertise to create significant impacts for his clients and how to apply those principles to your business.

Next Phase Leadership (NPL) Competencies:

• Increase manager development success rates by 200+%

• Decrease manager development times by 7 years saving 100’s of thousands of dollars

• Increase employee engagement/satisfaction scores by 20–46 percentile points

• Realize a 17–74% increase in employee productivity and contribution statistics company wide

• Improve success rate of strategic change initiatives 200% better and 300% faster

• In this workshop, he’ll show you

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