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Pit Crew Challenge (Private Session)

What is The Pit Crew Challenge?

  • The Pit Crew Challenge is an experience that leads to better team performance for businesses.
  • Using the racing pit crew experience while changing tires on an actual NASCAR, teams work together to continuously improve their performance.

What is the Value?

  • Improved team and personal performance!
  • Through this experience teams go through several quick learning cycles that enhance:
    • Collaboration
    • Communication of ideas
    • Setting and achieving goals
    • Addressing performance issues
    • Recognition of good work
    • Celebration of success
    • Iterative problem solving

We see examples all around us where talented, hard-working people do not work together well. This gap in turn leaves on the table unrealized potential and performance.

We also see teams that work well together, but they believe that they are performing at their best and are not driving to improve the way they do their work. Which, in turn, makes them vulnerable to being passed up by the competition.

8:00AM – 12:00PM – Lunch will follow

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