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Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Digital and Social Media Demystified

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

This 1-day workshop will introduce you to SEO and Google Search and reveal the three segments that are vital to your SEO success.

This workshop is specifically designed for business owners and marketing professionals who want to learn:

    • The foundation of Google and why it is important
    • The capabilities of Google and how this will help you
    • How using blogs, the right way, can increase your ranking
    • The three segments of SEO
    • How to get your social media and your website to work together
    • Why YouTube is the greatest secret for your SEO when used correctly
    • How to get great reviews that matter to your customers and Google
    • Other Citations (directories) and how to utilize them for SEO
    • What a backlink is and how you get them
    • How to optimize your website to be fast and why it matters


Digital and Social Media Marketing Demystified

This two-day, in-person workshop will unlock strategies to getting more prospects, building your brand in the marketplace, attracting the BEST talent, and teach you how to engage and retain your current customers. You won’t want to miss this one!

Workshop Outcomes:

    • A robust social & digital media strategy that takes less than two hours a week to implement
    • Learn to manage social media in-house efficiently or how to outsource it affordably
    • Build an effective and profitable long-term email marketing list and plan
    • Understand text messaging and if it is right for your company
    • Make smarter decisions using the Cost Per Acquisition

James Carroll

CEO and Founder of e2 Total Solutions

James Carroll is CEO and Founder of e2 Total Solutions, a full-service Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Firm based in Utah. James started his career by selling a software program to Toyota of Japan. He then joined the nation’s largest Digital Marketing company. Next, James started Webhits, a web design and development agency. After five years, he sold his agency. A few of his clients approached with the idea of starting another internet business. He couldn’t resist. e2 Total Solutions was born. Fifteen years later, he is still fully involved with Search Engine Optimization.


Boyd Peterson

CEO of BP Media | Best Selling Author, Trainer, Speaker & Certified Marketing Coach

Boyd Petersen has been involved with business since he started selling greeting cards door to door when he was a Boy Scout. With an education in marketing, Boyd has owned several businesses over the years. Most of those businesses involved advertising and marketing his products and services.

In 1998, Boyd and his wife Linda purchased the South Valley Journal, a community newspaper in the Salt Lake Valley. The Valley Journals, as they were known when he sold them in 2014, grew to 14 community newspapers (circulation at over 340k) and 18 online sites. Boyd has been involved with many chambers and state and national press associations and loves networking with other business owners. He helps people put together marketing plans which include using social and other digital media for their companies.

Boyd has written both business (6) and fictional (4) books. One of his business books is all about marketing, that he updates each year (because the market changes every year). He seems to always be writing and training others. He teaches webinars/seminars/workshops about social and digital media all the time and loves meeting new people that want help with getting their marketing going. He currently runs the Business Success Conference (a yearly business conference that is online and has attendees from all over the world.


Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO): September 22, 2021, Digital and Social Media Marketing Demystified: October 20th & 21st, 2021

9am-4pm All Days
Face-to-Face: $2500, Virtual: $2500
Lunch will be provided

iMpact Utah Training Center
380 Technology Court
Suite 200
Lindon, UT 84042

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