FSMA Certification and Training in Utah

The FSMA, or Food Safety Modernization Act, is an in-depth reframing of the US standards for food safety processes. The goal is to bring all regulations up to modern, high standards for cleanliness and to prevent food safety issues before they occur. FSMA certification is a way for organizations within the food industry to demonstrate adherence to these FSMA requirements and a commitment to food safety.

Who Can Benefit from FSMA Certification in Utah?


Earning an FSMA certification in Utah is beneficial for anyone who plants, picks, processes, packs, sells, or distributes produce. Any employee or team of employees that directly handles the food, as well as anyone who manages these teams, should be well acquainted with the FSMA requirements.

What Are the Goals of FSMA Certification?


FSMA certification will incorporate many safe food practices and processes, as well as an overview of the laws and federal regulations you must adhere to. This includes specific regulations for imported food, food safety inspections, hazard analysis, preventive controls, transporting food safely, and compliance terms.

There is also a focus on creating and implementing a food safety management system. You will need to be able to write a food safety plan, conduct a hazard analysis, monitor progress, make corrections, and keep detailed records. Upon completion, you will have a solid understanding of verification, recall procedures, and supply-chain programs.

How Do I Get FSMA Certification?

The FSMA certification is regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which designates guidelines and FSMA requirements. However, you can obtain FSMA certification locally through an accredited third party.

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