Grow Your Revenue

Through Sales Funnel Mastery

A FREE virtual workshop

June 11, 2020


Normally $199/person

1pm-5pm MT


Learn To Make More Money,
More Predictably

Consider the following…

  • ­Do you know what your conversion rates are and how to improve them?
  • ­Are you using marketing automation tools to nurture and progress leads?
  • ­Do you understand your buyer’s journey?
  • ­Are your funnel stages clearly defined?

Unearth the bedrock answers to fundamental questions all businesses must answer to identify, execute, grow, and defend their niche market

Identify the problem your business solves, who has the problem, and how to connect them to the solution

Convert prospects to clients to brand evangelists with our proven process that, once implemented, becomes remarkably simple to execute

This workshop will help you:

  • Develop your strategic marketing plan
  • Create your custom sales funnel
  • Learn to manage conversion between stages of your funnel
  • Create a revenue road map for every member of your sales team
  • Create a system for increasing predictable and scalable top-line income

Event Speaker

Presenter Spotlight

As Executive Director of iMpact Utah, Winthrop (Win) Jeanfreau helps executives grow and scale their businesses through continuous improvement, revenue growth and becoming more effective leaders. As a Serial Entrepreneur, Win provides tested and proven solutions that produce measurable outcomes for his myriad of clients.  


Win Jeanfreau

Executive Director – iMpact Utah