1968 Pit Stop Speed=60 Seconds


2014 Pit Stop Speed=12.5 seconds. 

What could your Business do with a 79% increase in Efficiency?

“It is a dynamic, high energy, high involvement, impactful training.  This is exactly what we needed to jumpstart our team unity across the entire organization.”

              At last, a teambuilding program that trains a team to work together and then tests their ability to continuously improve performance in a unique and exciting environment.

The iMpact Utah Pit Crew Challenge is an experiential learning event that incorporates pit stops as a tool for teaching the concepts of continuous improvement, efficiency, preparation and teambuilding. Using a combination of hands-on, experiential training with class room learning. You will learn and practice the techniques for a successful pit stop.  The friendly competition challenges each team to achieve greater success each time.

Join us in “The Pit” as we coach you through a learning experience that will affect your organization long after the checkered flag is waved.

  • Participants will be physically active in a racing pit stop simulation
  • Minimum of 12, max 25 participants
  • Call for pricing, discounts available(training materials included)

What a great way to improve both your corporate effectiveness and your bottom line! Join us for the most rewarding teamwork experience available anywhere!

For more info or to register contact Heidi Francis- hfrancis@impactutah.org 801 863 8637

Impact Utah- Corporate Pit Crew Training from Ricky Brandon on Vimeo.