ISO 14001 Certification in Utah

ISO 14001 is an international framework of standards used to guide a corporation through implementing an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). It is designed to be used as a guideline for improvement, rather than a set of requirements. Companies and organizations that wish to follow these guidelines have the option of earning an ISO 14001 certification to demonstrate competency in establishing environmental policies and procedures.

Some of the topics outlined in the certification training are:

  • Context of the Organization
  • Planning
  • Improvement
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Support
  • Operations
  • Leadership
  • Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification

    Earning a certification will benefit your organization in a number of ways. Your team will be better equipped to reduce or eliminate waste, cut down costs, measure environmental impact, and consistently manage environmental obligations. You will also be able to meet legal obligations, increase opportunities for new business, and increase trust from customers and stakeholders.

    ISO 14001 Certification Requirements

    Before receiving your ISO certification, you will need to have an environment management system in place and fully operational. You will also need to have an auditor review your processes and analyze whether you meet a set of standards for certification. The auditor will review your environmental policy, goals and objectives, and adherence to legal standards. They will also review the management and implementation of the environmental plan and performance. The accredited certification body (auditor) will issue the ISO 14001 certification upon completion of the inspection if your organization meets the outlined standards.

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