Business Essentials Training

Transformative business workshop for entrepreneurs, owners, and senior managers.

Heading a new division in your company?

If you have recently taken on greater responsibility in your role, Business Essentials Training will help you develop the skills required to make critical business decisions with confidence.

Are you a 15-year start-up that has started to stagnate?

Develop a fresh strategy and enhance your business acumen for an invigorating transformation that drives results. With Business Essentials Training, you’ll learn from experienced professionals who have been where you are and are ready to turn their knowledge into your success.

Essential tools for business success.

The Business Essentials Training workshop is designed for entrepreneurs, start-ups, 15-year start-ups, and companies needing a significant turnaround.

Gain the skills you need to successfully manage and grow your enterprises; participants will learn how to produce repeatable, scalable, and lasting results within their business.

This 2-day, hands-on workshop covers marketing, sales, financial analysis, brand vision, operations, funding, and legal strategy. Participants will join a multi-month program that produces an Action Plan: a comprehensive deep dive into tools, direction, and resources designed to improve your company and protect your investments.

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Move from concept to real-world application
  • Sharpen your ability to assess strategic initiatives
  • Protect your assets with key legal insights
  • Strengthen and refine your brand vision
  • Learn how to interpret financial data for critical decision making
  • Deepen your knowledge of Continuous Improvement for operational success
  • Discover how to responsibly secure funding
  • Gain ongoing support from your Business Essential's Action Plan

Ready for a turn-around in your company? Let’s talk.

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