Pit Crew Challenge

Team building event for Continuous Improvement.

Races can be won—or lost—by the pit crew.
Is your team up for the challenge?

The Pit Crew Challenge is a high-octane team-building event where participants will review, apply, and experience proven principles of Continuous Improvement Methodology.

Working in small "pit crew" teams with an authentic NASCAR, participants compete to reduce their time, breaking down the process till they can execute a tire change with choreographed precision. Participants learn continuous improvement principles, the importance and value of clear communication, and the thrill of true teamwork used to deliver results.

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Eliminate waste and non-value activities
  • Achieve greater output
  • Boost employee morale
  • Improve on-time delivery
  • Enhance team efficiency
  • Shorten production time
  • Refresh understanding of Kanban, Kaizen, and Lean
  • Renew sense of individual leadership

Winning isn’t just about the driver.

It takes a finely honed team to propel a driver across the finish line. The Pit Crew Challenge will reinforce to each individual the importance of their role in helping the team gain—and keep—a competitive edge.

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What others are saying about the Pit Crew Challenge.

"The Pit Crew Challenge training was an amazing experience for our team! Having been involved in multiple trainings in my career, I can easily say this was the best training I have experienced. Not only was it fun and engaging for our entire employee base, but the benefits that came because of this experience have been innumerable. After several months, our teams continue to refer to and rely on the concepts that were learned in this team-building experience."

Bryan Crowell
Petersen, Inc.

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