Lean Transformation: Beginner to Expert Training in Utah

Lean manufacturing is a proven operational model based on identifying and eliminating waste and focusing on continuous improvement to enhance performance and productivity of your organization. A Lean Transformation is a rapid method to achieve the impacts below in Utah.

4 Reasons for Implementing Lean

Here are the typical results of implementing lean in your organization.

  1. Increase your sales by 20% without adding new resources
  2. Reduce your lead-time by 50%
  3. Increase your profitability by 25% 
  4. Improve employee satisfaction

What would your organization be capable of if you could get these results?

By implementing a Lean Transformation in Utah you can expect significant positive impact on your organization in year one of the implementation.

Lean Transformation Fundamentals

Bottom-line profitability increases with systematic and incremental improvements. Learn and apply a lean manufacturing framework using a lean transformation to achieve a variety of benefits and address key components regarding purpose, process, and people.

5 Important Questions for a Lean Transformation in Utah

When initiating a lean transformation within your company, consider the following questions.

  1. What problem are we trying to solve?
  2. How can we improve our actual work process?
  3. How are we helping employees at all levels grow and improve?
  4. What do we need from our leaders and managers to support the success of these changes?
  5. What culture or mindset is the driving force behind this goal?

Lean Expert Training From iMpact Utah

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