This time of year, we often take the opportunity to examine our successes and failures of the waning year, and lemming like, feel compelled to make resolutions for the new one as antidotes to our shortcomings. Though spawned from noble intents, these resolutions, like our continued commitment to better physical fitness, often make it until March, only to be sacrificed on the alter of the day-to-day. Instead of repeating this time-honored method of planned disappointment, consider an alternative.

As a business leader, you have three items that should matter most… revenue growth, operations and leadership development. If you don’t attend to all three daily, not much else will matter because you’ll have put yourself on the path to extension.

Revenue, driven by sales, it the unrelenting Task Master that insists on your moment to moment vigilance. Margin rich revenue matters because it’s the lifeblood of your organization. No margin, no mission. The richer the margin, the more mistakes you get to make and recover from. Margin is found in operations. Learning the magic of continuous improvement… the small, incremental Leadership is about becoming the kind of person others want to work for, and to develop your leadership talent pool for that same reason. 72% of people that quit their jobs are quitting their bosses, not their jobs. Given that it cost approximately twice an employee’s annual salary to replace them, not tending to your personal leadership growth has serious financial consequences.

This year change up your commitment game. Keep it simple. Simply write REVENUE, OPERATIONS and LEADERSHIP on your mirror, and type it as a recurring event on your calendar at a time during the day you can routinely spend 30 minutes in deliberate attention to them. Take 10 minutes and do something proactive to address growth in each category.

Measure how often you attend to each. Green for deliberate attention to all three, yellow for two, and red for one or none. The emphasis is on continual, incremental improvements. The act of listing the most important items that are the headwaters of the rest of the stuff we must deal with, is a great way to reduce the chaos in your life that ignoring them creates.

Tend to these topics daily, deliberately, with small efforts and 2021 will be your breakthrough year.