PCQI Training & Certification in Utah

Companies that make, process, package, or ship food in the US are required to implement a plan that ensures they follow recognized food safety standards. This plan should be based on preventive controls and hazard analysis and overseen by someone with PCQI training.

What Is PCQI Certification?

The term “PCQI” refers to a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual—in other words, someone who has earned a PCQI certification, received FDA-approved training, or become qualified through personal job experience. Job experience is only deemed acceptable if the training received was equivalent to, or greater than, that of PCQI training in Utah. Food facilities are required to have a written food safety plan, which must be overseen or created by someone with PCQI training.

Who Needs PCQI Training in Utah?

It is not necessary for every employee to receive PCQI training; however, having several qualified team members can only have a positive outcome. It is crucial for every organization that handles food to have at least one staff member who has earned a PCQI certification. This way, all food safety plans can be written, overseen, and verified by someone familiar with the FDA’s rules and requirements. If necessary, it is possible to have one employee who is certified and oversees preventive controls for multiple facilities.

Benefits of PCQI Certification & Training in Utah

It can take years and a lot of hard work to earn enough on-the-job experience to accumulate the necessary equivalent for preventive controls and hazard analysis. Fortunately, with PCQI training and certification in Utah, you can qualify as many employees as you need in no time. They’ll be better equipped to manage all food-related operations and ensure that everything meets PCQI standards, which means your company will be better able to prevent food safety concerns.

With a PCQI on board, you can be sure you have taken proper preventive action from start to finish. That means the chances of running into a safety issue will be slim to none.

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