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Building High Performance Teams

The Pit Crew Challenge

If your teams are struggling with one or more of the following, we’ve got a different kind of training that puts learning in action, fast…

Team behaviors that impede progress and reaching goals

Eliminating wasteful processes

Achieving higher performance and unity

Every organization is aware that ineffective communication is tied to a variety of costs. There are plenty of numbers and scenarios found from a simple web search. One example: Companies with around 100 employees can expect an average of $420,000 in costs related to miscommunication each year. Divide that by the employees and that average equates to $4,200 per employee.

Would it be worth a similar cost to invest in training your employees to communicate better, more efficiently, and in ways that support a clearly communicated goal? Most decision-makers would say yes—sign me up.

Luckily, a transformational training challenge is not nearly that expensive and can provide exponential returns on the investment. Take a minute to learn about the Pit Crew Challenge for Building High Performance Teams.

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Training through the Pit Crew Challenge

Explosive engagement happens naturally in the right environment. High performance teams are built through unique experiences that challenge them in new ways. Treat your teams to the most hands-on, high-energy training available in Utah.

In the Pit Crew Challenge teams learn continuous improvement principles, the importance and value of clear communication, and the thrill of true teamwork used to deliver results.

The ROI of Team Training Experiences

Your teams will recount the fun, but leadership will want to account for tangible and visible results. How can a Pit Crew experience apply to the daily needs of work inside of an organization?

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Details of the Pit Crew Challenge

Pit Crew is a fully-packed half-day experience. Each crew can accommodate up to 16 individuals. This hands-on training is designed specifically for teams to review, apply, and experience proven principles of team-based excellence while working in small “pit crew” teams with an actual NASCAR.

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Training Details

Pre-training discussions are held onsite with instructors to customize and tailor training content to your teams specific needs. iMpact Utah can help identify examples inside the business for discussion as part of the training, as desired.

Topics covered in the Pit Crew experience include:

  • daily kaizen
  • kata cycles
  • stages of team development
  • strengths-based coaching
  • incremental change
  • lag and lead measures
  • positive feedback
  • and scrum style stand-ups for rapid execution.

Participants don’t just learn about these topics—they learn what it feels like to be on a team that gets results by actually doing these things. Completion certificates are provided for each participant, but the more important and immediate takeaways are skills that your teams can infuse into their daily activities and practices starting the very next day.

Experience Details

The supplies, tools, and equipment of the Pit Crew experience include:

  • training supplies, drinks, snacks, and lunch, as desired
  • knee pads, gloves, ear protection, and eye protection
  • disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and disposable masks will also be provided
  • participants are asked to wear clothing appropriate for changing tires
  • and closed-toe shoes are required.

Pit Crew Testimonials

Bryan Crowell,
COO of Petersen, Inc.

“The Pit Crew Challenge training was an amazing experience for our team! Having been involved in multiple trainings in my career, I can easily say this was the best training I have experienced. Not only was it fun and engaging for our entire employee base, but the benefits that came because of this experience have been innumerable. After several months, our teams continue to refer to and rely on the concepts that were learned in this team building experience.”

Dave Anderson,
IBC Plant Manager

“The benefits of the Pit Crew Challenge training came in two folds for the Autoliv Brigham City Facility:

The people side- The switching from the physical to the mental side of training maintained great engagement from all participants, helping them to internalize vital concepts such as: Anyone can make small improvements, providing a simple method to quickly solve problems and making it easy to share recognition.

The results side- The training propelled the kick-off of our 1% improvement Workshops throughout the plant. All our leaders have completed improvement workshops, and we have seen positive results in engagement and moral. We have even recognized costs savings as a result of improvements associated with the training.”

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