R2 Electronics Recycling & Certification in Utah

R2 electronics recycling certification is a great way for a company to demonstrate that it follows the best practices and highest standards when it comes to recycling electronics. The R2 designation comes from a comprehensive standard developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) titled “Responsible Recycling Practices for Use in Accredited Certifications Programs.” R2 certification in Utah can be acquired by meeting the requirements and passing an assessment from an accredited third-party auditor.

The areas of focus in R2 electronics recycling in Utah for earning a certification are:

  • Worker safety and health
  • Public and environmental health
  • Data and facility security
  • Chain of custody of electronic materials throughout the entire recycling process
  • Benefits of R2 Certification in Utah

    Once your corporation has been certified, the accredited certifier will continue to hold you to a specified standard. You will also appear on a list that is frequently updated and verified by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). In addition to this recognition, there are several benefits to earning an R2 certification.
  • You will be able to advance in your best management practices.
  • You will reduce the environmental impact of electronics that are improperly disposed of.
  • You will be able to assess security practices used for managing electronics recycling and their effects on worker health and the environment.
  • You will increase access to used electronics that have been properly recycled to those that need them.
  • You will reduce the need for new products to be manufactured, which means a reduction in mining, energy use, use of limited natural resources, and other environmental dangers.
  • Goals of R2 Electronics Recycling in Utah

    An R2 certification for electronics recycling has two main areas of focus: Repair/Reuse and Recycling.

    Repair and Reuse

    Electronics have become an essential part of living for millions of people, which means a very large number of products are manufactured each year. Repairing and reusing electronics provides access to these products for those that may not otherwise be able to afford them. It also reduces the need to manufacture more products and use up energy and natural resources or emit toxic gases into the environment. Plus, fewer products will be thrown away and added to landfill waste.


    If a product cannot be repaired for reuse, the materials can still be recycled and reused to make new products. A process referred to as “urban mining” involves getting these precious resources from used electronics rather than mining for new materials from the planet’s limited resources.

    How to Get an R2 Certification in Utah

    You can become certified for R2 electronics recycling in Utah by contacting iMpact Utah to schedule a needs analysis. Let us help you with all your R2 certification needs.

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