Revenue Acceleration

Increasing revenue is a top priority for every company. The best way to do that is by unifying your teams and helping them see the impact they all have on the company’s success.

iMpact Utah integrates all stages of progression throughout the buyer journey and leverages your sales resources. With our help, you can successfully align your sales, marketing, and customer success to rapidly grow your revenue, bring in new products, and improve on your existing products.

Items to Consider

To really know if iMpact Utah’s Revenue Acceleration solutions are right for you requires asking some key questions. If you struggle in any of these areas, iMpact Utah can help.

  • Is your brand well known and respected in your industry?

  • Do you have a defined process for determining the demand for or feasibility of new product offerings?

  • Do you have a well-defined sales process with performance metrics?

  • Do your marketing initiatives generate high-quality leads?

  • Does your sales team know how to balance between obtaining new business with managing and maintaining existing account relationships?


iMpact Utah Trainings, Consulting, and Coaching

Your sales, marketing, and customer success folks need a shared understanding of who your customers are and why they buy. With iMpact Utah’s Revenue Acceleration Solution, we offer training in the following areas:

  • Sales Methodology and Tracking

  • Marketing: Fundamentals to Advanced

  • CLEAR Execution

  • Business Essentials

  • Market Assessment for New Services and Products

  • Competitive Landscape Analyses

  • Website Analytics

  • Social Media Strategy and Outreach

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Within our trainings, we also offer this workshop:

Sales Funnel Mastery: Grow Top-Line Revenue

Businesses scale when they have a well-defined sales process that makes revenues more predictable. Learn how to set up and manage your marketing and sales funnel. Develop a strategic marketing plan, marketing messages, a customized sales funnel, and training materials for your salesforce.

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