Grow Your Revenue

Evolve & Effectively Increase Your Marketing & Sales Impact

Are You…

  • Experiencing stagnant revenue?
  • Consistently missing sales targets?
  • Suffering from sporadic and unpredictable growth?
  • Spending money on marketing with minimal or zero results?

Training Outcomes

  • Create your customized strategic marketing plan
  • Design your unique sales funnel
  • Create effective messaging for your target client
  • Analyze the cost of each client acquired
  • Accelerate sales growth

Specifically For

  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Directors
  • Any other sales professionals interested in becoming effectively increasing their sales and marketing impact and experiencing double-digit sales growth


We Guarantee Outcomes:

You will experience a minimum of three times the cost of the training, or your training is free. We’ve eliminated the risk, so you have got nothing to lose… and everything to gain. Join the thousands who have already benefited from what iMpact Utah Grow Your Revenue has to offer!

As part of the Grow Your Revenue workshop, we will help you answer twelve essential questions. Your answers to those questions will help create your customized strategic sales and marketing plan that will increase your sales growth by double digits.

Win Jeanfreau

Executive Director, IMpact Utah

As Executive Director of iMpact Utah, Winthrop (Win) Jeanfreau helps executives grow and scale their businesses through continuous improvement, revenue growth and effective leadership. A serial entrepreneur, Win built the world’s fastest-growing Shred-It franchise in Portland, Oregon, and founded, grew and sold an e-commerce audio business, among others. Since moving to Utah, Win has focused on growing the state’s economy as the Director of Executive Education at Utah Valley University, as the Director of the Utah Valley Business Resource Center, and now through iMpact Utah. Win holds an MBA from the University of Oregon and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communications from the University of Utah. Though his most valuable education has come from building and operating companies in diverse industries.

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