Sales Success for Small and Midsize Business

Are You…

  • Losing out on sales?
  • Taking forever to close a sale?
  • Missing a strong sales pipeline?
  • Lacking an effective sales strategy?


Lasting Results

The world-renowned Griffin Hill Sales System implements process, plays, metrics, and coaching for a fully functional sales system built to easily practice and master. This proven Sales System is packaged for your sales success. It is complete and whole without gap and without flaw.

Specifically For

  • Small and medium-sized business sales directors
  • Managers
  • Sales Teams
  • Any other sales professionals interested in building an effective and lasting sales system

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Increase your revenue and commission
  • Build and retain a robust sales pipeline
  • Shorten the sales cycle using six simple steps
  • Build a complete sales system that preserves your integrity

This is a one-day a week course for six weeks. It can also be customized to meet the needs of your sales team.

Parse the problem of making a sale:


To succeed in closing sales and building revenue one must employ a system with a process that works. The Griffin Hill system, accessible both online and through coaching allows for clients to parse the problem of how to get a sale by splitting the process into its component parts.


The Griffin Hill Integrity System implements the powerful principle of plays. Plays are pieces of the system that allow an individual to extract, practice, and master sales elements and therefore the system itself in a sustainable and influential way.


Without the right kind of glasses, it is difficult to see. For that same reason, most of the world’s reporting systems for sales are flawed, only reporting the beginning and the end of the sales process. Griffin Hill combines high level research to produce powerful and meaningful reports that improve businesses and sales teams.


Research proves that even in the event of great sales training individuals improve but then almost immediately begin to fall back into old habits. With Griffin Hill coaching, individuals improve incrementally without fallout.

Win Jeanfreau

Executive Director, iMpact Utah | Certified Griffin Hill Trainer

As Executive Director of iMpact Utah, Winthrop (Win) Jeanfreau helps executives grow and scale their businesses through continuous improvement, revenue growth and effective leadership. A serial entrepreneur, Win built the world’s fastest-growing Shred-It franchise in Portland, Oregon, and founded, grew and sold an e-commerce audio business, among others. Since moving to Utah, Win has focused on growing the state’s economy as the Director of Executive Education at Utah Valley University, as the Director of the Utah Valley Business Resource Center, and now through iMpact Utah. Win holds an MBA from the University of Oregon and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communications from the University of Utah. Though his most valuable education has come from building and operating companies in diverse industries.

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