Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are You…

  • Noticing that people can’t find your business on Google? 
  • Have no idea how to get to the top of Google search pages? 
  • Clueless how blogs, social media and your website can help improve your SEO?
  • Frustrated with terms and procedures you don’t understand (metadata, backlinks, keyword density)? 


Lasting Results

This 1-day workshop will introduce you toSEO and Google Search and reveal the three segments that are vital to your SEO success.

“Google Controls 92% of all the world wide internet searches every day. That’s 5.6 billion searches a day. You cannot be successful without them… That is why Google keeps me up late, and wakes me up early!”

~ James Carroll

Specifically For

  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Marketing Executives
  • Any other marketing professionals interested in understanding SEO and Google Search

Workshop Outcomes:

  • The foundation of Google and why it is important 
  • The capabilities of Google and how this will help you 
  • How using blogs, the right way, can increase your ranking 
  • The three segments of SEO 
  • How to get your social media and your website to work together
  • Why YouTube is the greatest secret for your SEO when used correctly 
  • How to get great reviews that matter to your customers and Google 
  • Other Citations (directories) and how to utilize them for SEO 
  • What a backlink is and how you get them 
  • How to optimize your website to be fast and why it matters 

Dano Ybarra

President & CMO, iMpact Utah | Certified Sandler Trainer

When Steve Jobs was asked to reinvent Apple, he tapped Dano Ybarra on the shoulder to help. Dano presented the plan to launch the now $60B per year Apple stores. An entrepreneur at heart, Dano has launched businesses in 15 countries worldwide and is an expert in starting and growing business both domestically and internationally. His experience spans various fields, including general management, marketing, sales, product management, P&L oversight, strategic business development, M&A, and operations. Dano is also the best-selling author of Guiding Your Raft: 17 Lessons in Leadership to Safely Guide Your Business Through Calm and Tumultuous Waters, with copies available in both English and Spanish. As an international speaker, he has presented to audiences across eight countries, from a few dozen in attendance to thousands. Dano has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

James Carroll

CEO of e2 Total Solutions

James Carroll is CEO and Founder of e2 Total Solutions, a full-service Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Firm based in Utah. James started his career by selling a software program to Toyota of Japan. He then joined the nation’s largest Digital Marketing company. Next, James started Webhits, a web design and development agency. After five years, he sold his agency. A few of his clients approached with the idea of starting another internet business. He couldn’t resist. e2 Total Solutions was born. Fifteen years later, he is still fully involved with Search Engine Optimization.

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