Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification in Utah

 Lean Six Sigma certification is a popular method for improving business performance. It is a combination of Lean methods and Six Sigma methods, which aids corporations in reaching goals more efficiently and creating sustainable improvement.

What Is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma uses data and statistics to identify errors and defects in a company’s processes and performance. Then, this data is used to create new techniques and management tools that will ensure the elimination of previously identified problems.

What Is Lean Training?

Lean training focuses on identifying areas within a company where there is waste and eliminating or reducing the excess in order to improve performance. For example, if a job that currently uses two employees can effectively be completed by only one employee or by an automated computer program. Areas such as time, processes, employee growth, management, and quality control are some of the points of focus.

What Is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Lean Six Sigma certification incorporates the best parts of both Lean training and Six Sigma methodology. It dives into how each process currently functions and enables employees to better understand how each process can be improved. 

While employees may know a great deal about the details of their job, they may not be experts on the processes used to complete them. Lean Six Sigma helps them to recognize areas where there is waste, prevent the need to redo work, and change inefficient processes.

When you combine the tools used in both Lean and Six Sigma, you give yourself the best chance to find the right tactics and tools for success.

Six Sigma Certification Utah

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