Supply Chain

A stable supply chain ensures your customers can always have access to your products. This also means you can cut down on production costs and avoid material shortages that would otherwise shut down production.

With iMpact Utah, we’ll leverage our knowledge to help you achieve the ideal production system. This will stabilize your supply chain and help you build a better system with our supply chain management training.


To find out if our Supply Chain Solutions are right for you, take a look at the following questions. If you don’t think they apply to you, then you may need our help:

  • Does your organization have a defined process for selecting and evaluating suppliers?
  • Is your supplier performance measured and reported back to them?
  • Does your organization have a defined process for working with suppliers to improve their processes?
  • Are your inventory levels well-managed to support products, with few incidences of excess or deficits in your inventory?
  • Have you identified various backup suppliers to mitigate risk in your supply chain?

Does your organization value transparent communication and differences in opinion?

Can you accurately describe your organization’s strategies or objectives and how they relate or your goals?

Do you regularly monitor your progress and adjust strategies when needed?

Do your managers and supervisors have the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to be effective leaders?

IMpact Utah Trainings, Consulting, and Coaching

iMpact Utah’s Supply Chain Solution can offer training in the following areas:

Supply Chain—Introduction to Mastery

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