You’ve heard of industrial automation, but what is factory automation? In reality, the two are virtually one and the same. Any type of machine that is used to replace a human being and what they do within a company is industrial or factory automation. Factory automation simply means using factory equipment to improve the reliability and consistency of process control systems.


For any company with menial, repetitive tasks that need to be performed daily, this is a great option to consider. Factory automation of such processes can lead to higher quality results, lower costs and more flexibility in when and how tasks are done. Read on to learn more about the advantages of factory automation systems.

Advantages of Factory Automation Systems

There are several advantages that come with factory automation systems. Let’s take a look at a few of them.



When machines replace people who normally do the literal or figurative heavy lifting within a company, it removes them from potentially harmful situations. This is especially true in a factory or industrial plant location where there are a lot of dangerous things that can happen on the job. Not only do factory automation systems save humans from harm, but they are also easily shut down in the event of an emergency. 


Manual labor can’t keep up with the speed and efficiency of machines. Automation of certain tasks will lead to faster results, produce more results in less time, and are easy to manage and alter if necessary. Plus, they don’t need as much time to rest. Ultimately, all of these factors contribute to a great deal of savings on the part of the company. 

Quality Control

When humans are in charge of doing things, there is always a margin of error that should be expected. Factory automation systems negate a lot of that margin of error. They are less likely to make mistakes, which often leads to higher-quality products.

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