iMpact Utah is dedicated to helping Utah manufacturers grow and thrive. We offer full-service training and consultation services in partnership with the Utah MEP to accelerate the growth of manufacturers and rural businesses across the state.

  • Increased our clients' sales by more than $690 million.

  • Completed over 1,000 projects with Utah-based companies since 1995.

  • Saved our clients $59 million in costs and expenditures.

  • Empowered companies to create or retain more than 40,000 jobs.

When you partner with iMpact Utah, you gain a team of dedicated experts with real-world industry experience. We'll help you identify your company's pain points and find solutions that create sustainable, positive change for your people, your processes, and your bottom line.

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Increase sales and refine your marketing strategy.

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Develop exceptional leaders and high-performance teams.

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Continuously improve your operations from the warehouse to the production line.

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Get the certifications you need to bid on high-value opportunities.

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Implement the latest cybersecurity frameworks and mitigate risk.

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Business Excellence Optimization Assessment

A complimentary service for Utah manufacturers.

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Not sure where to begin? Let's simplify.

iMpact Utah offers manufacturers an Organizational Excellence Assessment, on the house. Get a customized improvement plan that clarifies your short and long-term objectives, identifies opportunities and gets you on the path to organizational excellence.

When you're ready to transform, grow, and pivot your business, we'll show you where to start and how to keep going. Explore your options, risk free.

Free Organizational Excellence Assessment

Get a Free Organizational Excellence Assessment of your company.

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