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We’ve been where you are, and we know how to help. We are a full-service training and consultation organization, your resource to accelerate profitable growth and competitiveness in your company so your business will thrive, not just survive. Our purpose is to share knowledge that improves lives.



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Our team brings first-hand experience and understanding of the most challenging issues you face every day. Our process is simple. We diagnose, clarify, then provide you with options that address your most pressing needs. That means we ask questions, a lot of questions. This provides us with the essential insights necessary to facilitate an appropriate solution. You end up with a customized plan that matches your goals and addresses your concerns, so we can help you find meaningful and lasting results that help grow your business.

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We’ll see where your business currently stands, and show you exactly how we can help, and how we will measure the expected outcomes. You are free to choose internal or external resources of your choice to strengthen your weak spots. Of course, we would like you to consider our services. Contact us for your FREE custom assessment.

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3X Guarantee

We are so confident that our work with you will help address and improve your most pressing performance issues that we offer a “Triple-Your-Fee” Guarantee.

After completing our engagement, and fulfilling your commitments, if you feel you have not received three times the benefit of your fee, by any measure you want to apply (i.e. top line income, bottom line impact, increased company capacity, you name it), we will adjust your invoice until that ratio is met. If you feel the engagement was of no value whatsoever we will issue you a full refund.

No loopholes. No small print. No kidding.

The need for Impact Utah’s services cannot be overstated. If small businesses want to compete with large corporations, they must increase productivity and eliminate waste.

Sanpete County

“Having a resource as knowledgeable as your team in our backyard is not only nice, its actually wildly beneficial to our success.”

Bullfrog Spas

“The principles learned during our interaction with Impact Utah continues to provide the needed foundation as our company maintains a high level of proficiency required by government and customer regulatory bodies.”

Varex Imaging
Leadership & Strategy
  • Productivity
  • Retention
  • Employee engagement
  • Disengagement
  • Customer complaints
Revenue Acceleration
  • Closure rates
  • Marketing
  • Profits/ revenue
  • New Customers
  • Design complexity
  • Product and production costs
Continuous Improvement
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Productivity through software integration
  • Capacity and quality
  • Automated processes
  • Set-up time
  • Lead time
  • Inventory
  • Material waste
  • Impact of workforce shortages
Supply Chain Optimization
  • Quality control
  • Efficiency
  • Risk mitigation
  • Cash flow
  • Overhead costs
Workforce Solutions
  • Attraction and retention rate
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Training effectiveness
  • Sales revenue and gross margin
  • Staffing lead time
  • Lost production, revenue, and sales
  • Onboarding and training time

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